Tuesday, September 17, 2013

USM ConvEx 2013

"Somebody comes and hits you with an ooh la la la la," Mad Sounds by Arctic Monkeys.

So this weekend I'll be at USM's (main campus) Convocation Expo. It's an annual thing. Always very lively and draws quite a crowd. If you're a Penangite and you've never made it to a USM Convocation Expo, you're missing out, like seriously. Here are the event's deets:

Thing: 48th USM Convocation Expo (ConvEx'13) / Ekspo Konvokesyen USM ke-48.
Dates: 18th - 22nd of September 2013.
Theme: Volunteerism as a Lifestyle / Kesukarelawanan Sebagai Gaya Hidup.

Here's the logo:

awww yeaaaaa

On the 22nd of September in particular, I'll be talking about some stuff. Here's a poster of that:

I know what you're thinking. "That picture again?? Doesn't he have any other selfies??"

Sorry, but that's the only semi-proper self portrait I have of myself. All the others are of me duckfacing. It's turned into a natural reflex now upon seeing any camera lens. Again, my apologies.

If you would like to listen to me talk about volunteerism and my involvement in it (which is, let's be honest, minimal) then head on over. If you'd like to buy me a drink afterwards, then you are most welcome. Be warned: I take plain water, mostly.


FiQa said...

thumbs up! dia mai dahhh...
mmg hebat sungguh anak pak man nih... :)

Unknown said...

Tu dia anwad hadi dh mai dh !! Haha. Yg specialnye time dia mai tu hari jadi mak aku. Hehe

Anonymous said...

Yes saya konvo kat situ pagi tu. Hehe. Leh lah tengok nanti :D

pojie said...
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pojie said...

npe x dtg 3 taon lpas??????!!! ak grad 3 taon lpas(ayat bangga)hehe.. and pernah incharged utk event convex'09..huhu. mmg best.

Unknown said...

hg mai lmbt...cheq mai awal sehari... mse cheq grad nnti harap2 hg mai lg.... :D -studentkejut- *engine