Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My first tablet: Samsung Tab 4

"Mengapa kanta ini masih berkaca?" Bonda by M. Nasir. 

So the other day I decided to get a Samsung Tab 4, since I thought it'd be handy to have something a little bit bigger but fit just to do work on (y'know, video stuff, teaching, stuff like that) so after browsing around, I settled on this baby because I felt it gave me the best value for money among the tablets that were on the market. 

Uuu, shiny~

"But why a tablet?" you might ask. Well, to put it simply, I needed something lightweight and easy to carry. The Tab 4 accomplishes that with its 7-inch display, really not too big and not too small. It even fits in my pocket when I don't feel like carrying it. It's 
not too heavy, as it really feels just oh so slightly lighter than your average smartphone. Plus, its good looks doesn't really hurt either. Hehe.

Fits in my hand just right, you know? 

I actually have small hands (for a guy).

It can even for in my pocket.

It's bringing sexy back, just like Justin.

Okay, back to work purposes, it comes with an 8Gb internal memory, and I also have the option of adding my own microSD card into it, which makes so much sense because really, when is 8Gb ever really enough right? I have the option of putting in so many things that I need in here without worrying too much about running out of space. Pictures, videos, documents? You name it.

Some of my stored files after using it for a little while.

Multi-windows, because twitter has to be on 24/7.

Plus this really cool multi-window feature makes it really easy for me to keep track of my emails. Replying emails on a tab is so convenient and easy. With this, not only does it make replying emails seem more formal-looking, it also adds to the cool-factor, so I'm happy with that. It also makes it super easy for me to multi-task. If you know me, you know it's tough for me to multi-task. But with this multi-window feature, I think I'll get the hang of it really quickly.

May this be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

May peace be upon you.


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