Friday, July 31, 2015

First Verse

Firstly, I'll only think about you on two occasions:
When my eyes are closed, and when my eyes are open.
I'll try to fix stuff for you, even if it's me that's broken.
I'll provide you with distractions and an ocean of emotion.
I'll tell you your lines are flames
And that all my ones are lame.
Our kids will have my name
But i hope they get your brain,
Coz for real you're off the chain,
Your beauty drives me insane,
What were we talking about again?
Sorry, i got distracted by your eyes.
I will not tell you lies.
I'll bake you some apple pies.
I'll hold your hand through both the lows and the highs.
I'll even go get kitchen supplies.
Cross your t's and dot your i's.
So in summary,
I hope you stay right here with me,
Bringing my life some melody,
Some peace love and harmony,
Until we're over seventy,
That sweet old couple we're gonna be,
Kissing and calling each other baby, sayang and honey bunny.