Monday, March 7, 2016

Why I Like Questions

So as I've said in my previous post, I've been trying to get through answering my emails lately, and even though they take up a lot of time (more than I thought answering emails would), I enjoy trying to answer people's questions. I like them all the more when they get real specific.

I like it because firstly, I feel like I'm doing something with a clear purpose, which is writing something to someone who genuinely wants to know a certain something. Secondly, it gets me thinking a lot. It makes me think about what I'd do in certain situations, sometimes situations that are new to me. 

As I've said before, I don't like talking about the same thing over and over again (oh, the irony). These questions help me think about new things to think about, new ways of saying things, new situations to put myself in, while still compelling me to stick to my principles. And I guess that's why I appreciate the questions I get. They allow me to think about things that I wouldn't normally think about.

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