Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Having Short Film Ideas

So currently it is within my ambition to make a couple of short films within this year. I already have two ideas that I'm attracted to, but they need some flashing out and some serious producing in order to get done. I wish to write down the synopses of both here, but for some reason I am paranoid of the thought that some people might lift the ideas and pass off these films as their own. It's rather arrogant of me to think this, because I think my ideas are good enough to be taken and carried out, but I've grown a certain amount of attachment to them, so I don't have it within me to put it out there quite yet, unless they're in the form of completed short films.

I will share that they both involve children. In both films, 8-9 year olds are the main protagonists and I want to explore their worldview and conflicts they face through moving pictures. I think being around kids so much allows me to observe them and then have an urge to share their stories from the way I see them.

But like I said earlier, they require a bit of producing. There's a lot of work that has to be done before I could actually make these two short films a reality, so until I have those resources ready, these ideas will have to rest for a little bit. Also, maybe write the scripts first, Anwar.

I guess I'm not enthusiastic about writing those scripts right now because I know that in their current forms, they can't be executed easily. And because I think the jobs are going to be difficult, I guess I shy away from working towards getting them done at all, because resting and trying to think of something else to do is a lot easier than going through with an idea. That way, I avoid failing by keeping the short film ideas in their perfect forms in my head. Plus, nobody can give a bad review of the short films if no one even knows they exist, so I'll always be able to rest in the fact that these ideas have received no negative reviews from anyone. 100% success rate, in my head, and that feels great.

Putting it out in the world means exposing it to negative reviews and the possibility of people not liking it. That's a tough thing to do, and more than anything, takes courage to pull off. I need to gather enough courage to make those sucky scripts so that work can start on making those sucky short films. And once they're done, I can start improving and be less sucky at it.

So here's to courage.

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