Sunday, August 9, 2009


"These words came when you did not," Tomorrow by The Answering Machine.

If you are reading this, that means I have finally changed my blog Uniform Resource Locator (URL) from the old "" to "". I have deliberated for a little over a week whether this was the right thing to do. Thanks to
TQ (word-play not intended), I had second thoughts about changing my URL. There were a few reasons why I was almost influenced to not change the URL.

The first reason that was presented to me made me think to myself "Hey, maybe everyone DOESN'T think that the URL name sounds too stuck up. Maybe people actually don't care about what my URL name was. Maybe people don't even care about my blog, even." These thoughts ran through my head when I was staring at my stained pillow while trying to get some sleep. And as expected, I slept on the thought. And after some good sleep, I forgot about what I was thinking before I slept, because I was late for class.

Secondly, TQ made me think that maybe it's the absolute superciliousness of the name that got people to remember it and actually want to see it. Maybe if I was to put some average name like "", then maybe it wouldn't have been as attention grabbing as it was. Maybe people actually thought "Woih, this is such an arrogant sounding blog, I must take a look-see to find out why this bub is so effing egotistical!" But then I ran this idea through my logical self, and he said "Humbug!" (Very logical reason to drop an idea.. Or maybe it was because I was listening to the Arctic Monkey's new album, "Humbug" at the time..)

But finally I came to a consensus that said "Hey, you already posted on your blog that you would change the URL, so just change it!" (That's the uncompromising-me talking there..) So here it is, brand new URL, but still the same old taste, eh, same old Anak Pak Man (ingat iklan soup ka?).

I changed it because of the following reasons:

1. It's shorter, making it easier to type out in the box where you type out URLs.
2. It portrays who I am better.
3. It's less obnoxious-sounding.
4. Err, that's it la kot..

I'm too lazy to elaborate on the points above. If you want to, then elaborate them yourselves. I don't mind. But please keep it U-rated, people. No adult-rated stories please.

InsyaAllah, I won't be changing this URL for a long time.

Till next time! Cheers!


WiDa said...

congratz for your new url...but i prefer the previous url..

anak pak man said...

Well, sorry bout that, but it has been changed, so no turning back now..

Max J. Potter said...

this one sounds nice, tho i didnt really think the previous one was pompous or anything. i mean, its a blog url, it should say what u want it to but i guess i view stuck-upness differently than most (you would have noticed from the pompousness of MY writings). this one's more adorable, if i have to say something positive about it. and yes, very catchy too. =) congrats in having it.

p/s: your comment was replied to.

anak pak man said...

thanks cher! I'll go check it out..

mademoiselle tq said...

oh my.. i had never thought that you would ever put my name into your writings..

well, fortunately i read your previous post about changing your URL, so i knew your new URL.. but i thought of those who follow your blog but had no chance to read that previous post, they would have problem in reading your posts..

anak pak man said...

Really? But I thought followers were still followers even after they change their URL? Don't you still get the updates in the blog updates?

mademoiselle tq said...

yea, i thought so too..
no, the last post that appears was "a few days ago..."

you can ask other people who follow your blog..

anak pak man said...

huh? damn..
xtaw plak jadi camtu..
I'll have to ask others lah camni..