Saturday, August 29, 2009

Muzack! (Others)

"It's not easy making a name for yourself," Downfall of Us All by A Day To Remember.

Intro of the songs kicks backside!

And here is my "others" list. This list will contain all the other type of music I listen to, other than rock, I mean. And yeah, some (or most) of them can be heard on the radio. I'm not one of those fakes who think they're all that just because they listen to stuff that's not in the radio, and immediately flush stuff that do get airplay down the toilet. No Sir! Unlike them, I actually HAVE something else to do other than looking for new, never-before-heard-of, usually sucky bands. It's called LIFE. Look it up.

I base all my listening to individual songs. If the songs are cool, I'll listen to it, no matter who the artists are. And if an artist I like produces a crappy song, well, I will say that it's a crappy song and not listen to it anymore. I won't subject my ears and brain to torture just because they're "underground/indie". Seriously. On the other hand, if I listen to a good song from someone, I'll take the effort to look for other songs from the same artist during my free time (But I only search rock acts). My theory is that "If a band/artist is capable of producing ONE song I like, then they must be capable of making MORE songs that I like too.." Although, this is not always the case. So, without further ado, my Others list:

1. Hip-hop/rap.

Yeah, Anak Pak Man DOES listen to rap, holmes. Songs produced by playas like T.I., Eminem, Black Eyed Peas (the old ones), Kanye West, and Jay-Z tickle my fancy, yaknowadamsayin'? Just tryin' to keep it real, dawg. I listen to dey beats 'cuz dey know how to break it down, son. They actually rap, not talk, like most crappy wannabees out there. And I don't listen to the songs that worship the material world. I listen to songs that don't sound like any other song-talking-bout-how-many-inch-rims-they-have-on-their-Hummers. I like listening to songs that are for real, son. Songs that talk about "practicing what you preach" and getting into trouble "just for my family's sake". I wish I could rap freestyle without sounding like a retard. Sigh.

2. Pop.

Yeah, dirty pop, as N'sync put it so well back in '01 (or was it '02?). I do listen to the music with the most haters in the underground world. I like most of the old pop songs from N'Sync, Backstreet Boys (yeah, boyband fever. Sue me..) Justin Timberlake (amazing first and second solo albums) and other favourites I can't seem to think of at the moment (I'm still very much in "metalcore mode" right now). And, similar with hip-hop, I don't like materiality getting in my listening. I also cannot stand songs about sex. I just can't take people singing bout wanting to take ride on my "disco stick". It's just wrong, so wrong.

3. Good Malay songs.

Merdeka Spirit!! I don't know why this is separate from the others. I guess it's just because it's so special, it deserves a place of it's own. I like Malaysian artists like Aizat AF (he makes his own songs some more!), Elyana, Faisal Tahir (or Faizal. I'm not THAT big a fan), and M. Nasir and maybe even Mawi (first album only). I like 'em, and can totally sing-a-long to them while in the car. Plus, I don't lose touch with my Malay side. Right now I'm either Kedah or English, if that makes any sense.

4. Evergreen oldies.

Not that old. You remember the BeeGees? Queen? Bon Jovi? Michael Learns to Rock? They never get old (at least their songs don't). I can always appreciate a good song from back when I wasn't born yet, or developed a permanent memory. My father introduces me to them and most of them stick like glue. Great songs, by great people.

5. Sappy love songs.

I'm not made of stone after all. Listening to sappy love songs which are sung full of heart never fails to wrench my heart and produce clear blood from my eyes (tears). Classics like "Total Eclipse of The Heart", "My All" and "My Baby You" are the reason I could fly. Eh? They're the reason I pretend I'm yawning when my eyes start to tear up. Oh, why couldn't these feelings just go away?

That's it, I guess. I probably said more than I should have (especially in the last part), but it's done. Those are all the kinds of the songs that I listen to. I probably missed a few, but then again I think those few are not worth mentioning, since they didn't come to mind when writing this. So now, off you little buggers! But wherever you go, please don't stop the music! (

-Pictures used are for illustrative purposes only. I am not a politically-driven, old-person hating dude who wants to get ISA detention for posting a picture of our former PMs up in my blog.



phytohystrix said...


The choice of pic for evergreen cute. Hehe. So are my penguins. Lost the connection there.

For the list of pop songs,em..JT's better going solo. The songs are even more dynamic with its music arrangements.

The bugger's flying off,bzzzzz....




whack whack!



Nada Syazana said...

Gotta agree with phyto hystrix. JT kicks more gluteus solo. And WHAT?! No Britney???! Kena buat demo kat Jalan Tun Perak pulak ni. Britney! Britney! Britney!

WiDa said...

Bila dipkirkan balik..."OWH MY GOD!!! Anwar likes boyband!!! Waaaa...dahsyat tue!!! Serious kah?"...

Compare these...

"I don't want to be a fool for you, Just another player in your game for two, You may hate me but it ain't no lie, Bye, bye, bye " - Bye Bye Bye

"Oh my God, we're back again, Brothers, sisters, everybody sing, Gonna bring the flavor, show you how, Gotta question for you better answer now" - Backstreet's Back

If Nsync and BSB enter a competition, "Who Love This Boyband For Eternity", you think who will gain the most votes?

anak pak man said...

yeah, JT's da bomb.. But sexy back didn't do it for me.. good thing there was what goes around.. kick buttockS! and have fun with ur bug.. if a know what i mean.. hehe *winks*

yeah, no britney.. i guess I'm just gay that way, no? hehe..

obviously, i would come out on top.. hehe

phytohystrix said...

Yes,definitely not the lyrics too. But they're overwhelming nowadays,observably opposing our Eastern norms-which is a bitter scene.

Think I know,

and the buzz will be over soon,very soon...

*winks back.*

anak pak man said...

yeah, and to think even girls as young as 6 are singing along to lovegame.. sickening..