Thursday, January 21, 2010

FREP is Over

"The first rule of leadership: It's always YOUR FAULT!" Hopper to Princess Atta in A Bug's Life.

Any of you remember that line spoken from the main antagonist in that highly successful Pixar story?

I watched it again not too long ago and found myself nodding to that statement. I agree, it IS always your fault when you're a leader. No matter how you try to rat yourself out of it, at the end of the day, if something fails, most (if not all) of the blame will be directed to the leader.

And, being my own worst critic, I blame myself for the failure of this project.

I failed to motivate. I failed to inspire. I failed to notice. I failed to work. I failed to lead.

I failed.

A big sorry from me to all the 21 people from TESOL 2 for making semester 3 & the beginning of semester 4 of your IPG life hell. Sorry for asking too much from you. Sorry for being too obnoxious to notice that I suck at leading. Sorry for not being more likeable in my work approach. Sorry for screwing you up and making you do things you don't want to.


Having said all that, my life will still go on as usual, with the usual faces still hating me and the usual faces still loving me (I hope). I don't mind. I've lived with it for a year and a half now, so you tend to get used to it. FREP wasn't the problem. I was, I now know.

I now hope that everyone can get along with everyone else. Now that FREP is out of the way, old roads and paths that have been closed because of FREP have been opened up again, so please, try them out. You might like treading old, familiar ground.



phytohystrix said...


There's no use to mourn over it,get on with life, that's best. The experience gained is one irreplaceable gift you have in your hands, and theirs too. That's the last thing that should stay in ur mind, not regret or such feelings. Who's perfect by the way? There's none. But the Sun never failed to shine the days, cause He's always around, The One. And when you see that, you'll know. There may be a lot more than this that can tear your heart, but look around you, look around you and see what your eyes can't.

anak pak man said...

I'm not mourning over it. I'm a bit relieved that it's over, actually.
I'm just simply putting the blame on myself and also apologizing.

I have definitely learned from the experience, and I have come out of it a different person, a much improved one, I'd like to think.

And I will go on with my life (I thought I mentioned that already?) as I always have. A smile on my face and no food in my stomach. (haha)

Thanks for your concern. :)

phytohystrix said...

It's nothing. No money in my pocket too,haha.. Yeah, you mentioned, it's just restating, I know it's everyone's path. It just got through my mind that as we grow older, life gets more challenging and we grow better,yep. Gd luck.

anak pak man said...

yeah.. thanks~ :)