Saturday, June 5, 2010

Missed Moments

"Sebaik-baik perancang adalah Allah SWT."

Heyya, I'm back on the bog, blog, whatever you call it nowadays. Not in the best of moods, but not particularly bad either. Not too tired, but definitely not all juiced-up. It's currently not night nor too bright outside. Life is neither up nor down. I'm not contradicting myself, nor am I telling the whole truth. However, I definitely am confusing you. (Whoever you might be, thanks for reading!)

So back to the title, I have missed a few moments in my Cohort that I have been waiting quite a long time for. The first being the Cohort Dinner (which I suggested, by the way <-- euw, attention-freak) and the second being the Children's Literature Exhibition (which I definitely feel that I would have rocked at <-- there he is again). Sigh~


Ehem, However, I didn't miss them on purpose or anything, it's just that I had another more urgent matter to attend to, which was (and still is) the SUKMA training programme. And I'm not too bummed out.

As the first line of this post suggests, everything that happens to us happens to us because God wills/allows it. If it doesn't happen, then it was never meant to be, don't you agree my good readers? So, I missed those events because I was MEANT to miss them, thus I shouldn't complain that life isn't fair, because even our lives are only borrowed, and our right to it does not exceed God's right to them, thus we go on living and praying and hoping for the best.

Never forget to ask God,

..Rabbanaa aatinaa fiddunyaa hasanah, wafilaakhirati hasanah, waqinaa 'azabannaar..

Pray, work and tawakkal. Leave it all in His hands, for they are the most able ones you're ever gonna get.


p/s- 100th post!


Cinta Madu said...

hey, i call it so-called-diary. cute kan? hehe. by the way, what do you mean by 'life is neither up nor down'?

anak pak man said...

cinta madu,
yeah, cute.. ^_^
i mean that I'm neither at a peak nor a low in my life right now.. I'm doing "just fine".. :)
thanks for dropping by!

WiDa said...

gud luck in ur sukma...too bad u weren't there, at the dinner and at the exhibition...

wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

rugila xda ketua cohort mlm tu..
tp nak wat cmna, u have training over there..

haa..nnti bila dah free anta kat
waa ur mklumat diri n bla2 keyh?
then, i'll tell u wat we should do
during this holiday,hee~


anak pak man said...

yeah, too bad..

yeah, nak wat camana kn?
maklumat diri?? Tp dok tengah lam krisis identiti neh, xleh bg maklumat yg xmuktamad.. :P
what should i do? p ikot ampa merempit kat perlis nek 125Z? hehe