Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holiday Pitchers

"I try so hard, I try so hard," Where Did You Go by A Rocket To The Moon.

Ten days of chillin' and fun around Malaysia. The pictures will do the talking (helped along by the captions).

A little side note: all pictures were snapped by me, unless I'm actually in the picture. And I don't know how to edit pictures, so they're all unedited.

Raya Korban in Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

I had nothing else to do, so I snapped as many pictures as I could. Two-hundred plus in total (too much?), but here are some of my favourites.

Somethin' be smellin' funky up in here..

Ginie ambo wak..

Dead cow in the scenery.

Flyin' meat.

Ayah Su's house in Nilai, Negeri Sembilan.

Just to see Iris Kyra (I hope I got the spelling right). Cedits to Aiman for this one.

Malacca Visit.

We stayed at Cik Mah's, but Bapak brought us out to town one fine day, and I was holding the camera, again.

Taming Sari Tower, in all its majesty. SubhanAllah~

The "handle" of the keris up close.

The view of the river from the top. Looks very clean, no?

After the seven-minute keris-ride, we headed to Mahkota Parade, which was a short distance away.

Archery? In a mall? Super-cool.

Kuala Lumpur Stopover.

We went to take Boy out for dinner at Midvalley.

Bapak: We're gonna eat HERE. (At Midvalley Megamall)

Mak: Interesting~ Interested?
Boy: Hmm, lemme think about it..

Aiman: That rice looks nice. (See? Rhyme! Aiman, FTW!)

Just to prove that we were there. Paramore-esque pitcher, doncha think?

After Midvalley, we decided to hop on to the Digital Mall in Petaling Jaya.
Wanna get info bout alienware, son? Here's the place to ask. He's readin' their newsletter as we speak!

Aiman decided (and the decision was made by Boy) to treat us all to ice-creams! Woot! Woot!

Chillin' in Ipoh, Perak.

Bapak had a golf tourney in Ipoh, so we stayed there for the night.
Our hotel's foyer.

It used to be "Casuarina".
As you can see, that is no longer the case.

A cool welcome. Upon our arrival at the lobby, they served us with some lychee tea and cool face-towels as well as a really big scentless flower for us to marvel at, but not to take home.

To the mall!

Rajinnyer bebudak nie..

Ceh, komik rupanya.. >_<"

The next day we headed back home and arrived safely. Alhamdulillah~

Hope your holidays went fine.



wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

syioknya p cuti2 malaysia
bersama kluarga...
jeles3!xpa, prtghan bln 12 nie~
genting jom!

anak pak man said...

Itu ajakan sirius ka ajakan ayam separuh masak?

wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

itu ajakan ayam masak hangets.., btolla,
dok rncang2 biasa2 ngan my bestie..
klu jadi, nak ikot, jom ah~
tingin nk ke genting~

anak pak man said...

Klau camtu let me think about it first lah.. Sila SMSkan kpd saya details nya dan saya akan wat decision dalam masa terdekat.. Thx~

ヌルシャフィカー.チー. said...

mnara taming sari~!
x pnah naik la plak..
huuu... harga tiket mahal.. T.T

anak pak man said...

xmahal lah, rm10 jea.. u should try it, at least once.. bru ada rasa kenegaraan.. hehe

The Tearaway said...

jealous gler!!!!!!! mcm round malaysia in 1 day je bce ur p0st..
jeles..jeles.. :-/

anak pak man said...

hehe, not one day yer? ten.. so time2 xamek gambar tu mmg lengang and relax arr.. hehe, makaseh krana sudi jeles terhadap saya.. haha

phytohystrix said...


Iris Kyra sgttttt adorable! And her name is futuristic. :D Cute! How old is she?

Great holiday!

anak pak man said...

Yeah, I am pretty adorable.. haha..
She is not old.. She's pretty young.. Umur setahun baru.. thanks~