Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Iklan Youtube (A Vlog Is Born)

"If you are what you say you are," Superstar by Lupe Fiasco feat. Matthew Santos.

My Youtube debut:

Don't be hatin' on me, please?

I've finally decided to get a vlog going on Youtube. I already have several topics lined up, so look out for them.

And I think I'll be more consistent with the vlog than this blog. Don't ask me why, it's just how I roll. I'll be updating weekly, although I haven't come up with a specific day to upload a video. I'm thinking Saturday, but we'll see.

Hope you guys like it!

And if you have a profile, be an awesome person and rate, comment and subscribe to my channel. I'll try my level best keep you happy.



Anonymous said...

anak pak man. you are one brave soul. and you're entertaining! keep it up!

you planning to be bigger than nigahiga!?? you have my support!

Mr. Gargus said...

I agree with Nani. But don't make videos to please others, make them to please you!

Jo said...

ah..finally ur vry own utube channel!! haha..subscribed! d vid is funny as expected..

however, 4 ur upcoming vids, dun hav 2 pressure urself 2 much on d funny part..I'm sure that juz being urself will make ur video entertaining =D hihi..all in all, keep it up!!!

Anonymous said...

anak pak man~~

asal kamu diam je?? dah la tak dtg lawat i!

p/s: you ARE funny. haha.

anak pak man said...

teacher max,
Hehe, thanks for the support teacher.. As I said, I'll try.. If I get even a small fraction of nigahiga's coolness, then that would be enough for me.. :)

sorry I haven't been visiting of late.. Internet connection hasn't been available around my parts, so it's been hard to stay connected.. The only online time i get these days are the times that I bring my laptop over to wifi-ready outlets.. sad, it is.. :(

mr gargus,
thanks man! :D
and I will only do them to speak what i have on my mind.. if it doesn't please me, then it won't be put online, be sure of that.. :)
thanks for the support! means a lot to me, really..

Yes! as promised, right? hehe.. I'll do the best I can Jo, thanks for the word of wisdom! :D


salam . a post 'bout you ;)

Lalala said...

rasanya saya secara tak sedar jadi fan vlog anda.. cool.. best.. kelakar.. btw banyak betul pergerakan tangan ya.. haha.. teruskan vlog :)

lady dayana. said...

salam anwar. you are awesomeeeee ! I like you ! and all your vid of course. hehe ;)

p/s; do mind visiting my blog sometimes. heee :P

paez nevillera said...

anwar hadi..
hello there world! haha..like2..act im kinda fan of you..i also have promote your nice+awesome work in YT at my blog..its pretty awesome it so much! i and my gurl wanna ay dat you're the best..keep it up!
best nya anwar! best nyewwww..haha^^