Friday, December 17, 2010

Out for A Jog

"The chase ain't worth the prize," Break Your Little Heart by All Time Low.

Watch. Video. Laugh. At. Me.

It was extremely awkward running around a golf resort with a tripod and camera in hand. And all the "who's that weirdo?" glances that I've had to endure.

But it was all worth it, for all of you, my loyal readers/viewers.

Also, I'm thinking of setting up my own Youtube channel. What do you think? Would you subscribe to me? Give me your answers in the "expressions" link below.



UkhtiNuhan said...

absolutely, YES ! :D

pencari sejati said...

yap! yap! yap!
bg skit komisen kat aku.. lalalala~

anak pak man said...

hehe, thanks for the encouragement.. =)

pencari sejati,
hehe, kalau youtube berbayar tapa gak hg nak mintak.. thanks! =)

phytohystrix said...


no! bluek!

spell my new name. H.A.T.E.R!


anak pak man said...


Cikgu AL said...

style gler video! nak saiiiinnnnn!

anak pak man said...

cikgu Al,
Hehe, thanks.. Nah, amek! hehe

Jo said...

1st of all, i like ur video !! it made me its creative n u look like u were having fun..^^

so, yes! u shud make ur vry own u tube that u can make others laugh too..haha..

anak pak man said...

Hehe, glad u liked it! I did have fun making it.. :D
Thanks for the support! really appreciate it.. =)

Jo said...

ur welkam, anwar ! ^^

anak pak man said...


Jane Nadzari said...

omg . u ni memang gila . hahaha . love ur video , love ur eng accent , xpercaya hang ni orang kedah . haha . keep it up yawww

Whore said...

haha. love this vid. how come there's no one in the video? you're the type of guy whom we rarely found nowadays. but its great. you're being yourself. now thats good.
love it. :)

fizzahyahiya said...

If i were to get married one day, i want u to make my wedding video! u r awesome!