Sunday, February 6, 2011

By The Water #6

"When you finally get to love somebody," It's Gonna Be Me by N'Sync.

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"Tilt it a little to the right. No, I mean the other right," and with that, Aliff gave a "what?" face to his wife, to which Nur laughed to. "Come on, you get what I mean," Aliff couldn't help laughing along with his wife, albeit while shaking his head. That laugh is just too amazing. That face is just too cute. Never thought hanging up a picture could bring out a laugh. "Okay, just nice."

They moved into a new house together after four days of being married. The house wasn't too small, but nothing luxurious either. Just an average one-storey semi-detached house near the city. The rent was reasonable and it wasn't too far away from the city. And the area's surau was in walking distance. They were content.

They spent most of the day unloading their things from the moving lorry, and it was now nearing sunset. There were still several boxes left to unpack, left stacked in the corner of the living room. Nur decided to call it a day and went to hit the shower. Aliff smiled back and told her to go on ahead. He still had some things to fish out of his boxes, mainly clean clothes.

He went to the box stacks and started looking for a box labelled "Clothes". He removed a small box on the top of a stack and read the label, "Nur's". His curiosity got the better of him and he opened the box after checking that his wife wasn't in the room.

In the box, he found among other things, a picture of a small Nur. She didn't seem like she was even old enough to walk yet, and holding her was a smiling woman who looked very much like Nur, not her mother that he met during the wedding. In another picture, Nur was wearing her school uniform and it looked as if it was her first day of school. Nur wasn't smiling, but she was cute nonetheless. Sandwiching her in the picture were her late father and the same smiling woman who held her in the picture of her as a baby. Her late father wasn't smiling though.

Another picture showed a teenage Nur, still wearing a school uniform, still alongside her late father, but this time with her mother that Aliff met at the wedding. Everyone except Nur was smiling. Aliff was confused now. He stared at the three pictures.

"What are you looking at?" Nur came into the room fresh out of the shower to find her husband staring at some pictures.

"Who's this?" Aliff asked, his face asking a thousand more questions.

Nur covered her mouth. Oh no. "You looked into my box?" said Nur on the verge of tears.

Upon seeing his wife's reaction, Aliff went straight to her and put his arms around her. "Why? What's the matter?"

Nur's arms acted as a barrier between her husband's body and hers, but she didn't push away. She couldn't push her tears away either.

They stood there like that for a few minutes with Aliff stroking his wife's hair gently with one hand and holding the pictures with the other hand whose arm was around Nur.


May peace be upon you.



nd said...

good luck bro..seriusly i adore you..all the best in your life..i'm proud as i am kedahan too..

husnaradzi said...

dude can u believe it. hang dah macam artis weyh . tgk sat ja dah 1000++ . aku pon ada cita sal hang kat blog .mmg dah fever skang . haha

*novel ke nih ?

aku la said... novel yg di alih bhse ke??

anak pak man said...

nabilah daud,
thanks and thanks! u should be proud to be from kedah! :)

nenek, eh, makcek,
thanks! :)

tak, just a short story project of mine.. :)

shazilah aziz,
eh, tidak.. ia adalah mini-projek saya.. saja tulis2.. ia berepisod. kalau nak faham, pls baca daripada #1.. :)

Amirah Rosli said...

salam. wahh. can't wait for the next episode. seriously, you're a good writer. i tell you what, you could sell your writing one day.

Anonymous said...

x sabar nak tau sape perempuan dlm gmbr 2..

AA said...

Novel ke ape ni?
haha quite intresting :D

Im a kedah-ian too. AHAHA
*tibe je. :P

cheers !!

anish said...

am waiting for the next episode! :)

oh ya, just discovered ur vids, ur blog today.
awesome. :)

stzlh_zh said...


gud luck cikgu..n gud luck study nun overseas tu...agak2 rindu Malaysia, dengar2la lagu Negaraku ekk..=)

mademoiselle tq said...

the story is full with puzzles. creative and romantic though! ^^

by the way, (if you ever got time) you're invited to the mystique. i just updated it. :P

Shahirah Zainol said...

hye anak pak man !
so i've been heard abt you
kinda proud of you making the awesome videos! :D :D
double proud bcos i'm a kedahan too! <3 <3
well, of coz you do get a lot of these "kind" of comments, i suppose? :D

haha anyway, goodluck in your study. i am waiting for my spm result.
GULP !! goodluck for me too? i guess. c ya !!

SweetyMui2 said...

a short story of yours? cool! hikhik.cant wait for the next part.cepat2! :p

Unknown said...

My guess is, the woman is her real mother. Perhaps was her mother..? From the look of it, looks like her father remarried.
BUT that's my plain guess. :)

Thank you for updating and please continue writing! ;D

♥ Aimi Rashid said...

So Nur's father had a new wife?

依之汉 said...

I too wanna post my comment! I just saw ur youtube video shared by my friends from fb, though. Kinda weird and funny. You must be an artist or what ever blood flown in you.

Hope more episodes from your blog.
(Damn! My english is totally lame compared to him.)

Aisya S. said...

Hey, I just heard about your youtube vids from a friend who told me one of your vids have gone viral. And I was all like... Wait, this dude... familiar lah.

Laaaaa Anak Pak Man rupa-rupanya! Awesome job on the videos by the way! I only watched the Bahasa Ewww one though, my connection's too slow at the mo! You buat macam style Baba Ali. I like it!

anamizu said...

sempoila hang!!
go go anwarhadi go!! ^^

recent post : |kenal mohsen namjoo???|

nedd said...

okay.... can't wait for the next episodes~

- NoOr aTiQaH mUsTaPaH - said...

next episode please~~~~
okay, i'm proud to be a perak-an!!!
ahahahahah, xde kna mgena.. :)

Benjamin Ali Rifqi said...

salamun alaikum,
im not frm kedah but still proud of u! haha *takut3 na tulis short form*

frankly or kdg3 weekly...i love this bro! dup dap! dup dap! i guess i know who was it hehe

alexayussida said...

i love ur mini project bro!keep it up..

haizanabdulrahman said...

jengjengjengg :D hahah

Jay Saja said...

assalam. first time reading your mini project. :)

i was quite excited reading #1 and #2...but don't you think the 'getting-to-know' part between Nur and Aliff is too short? i was hoping to read 2 or 3 episode on that, actually. but you made them married the next episode! grr. XD

tapi tak apalah. sebab isu yang terbaru pun, macam menarik. apa istimewanya gambar tu ye. ;)

ps: mr, don't pun an end to your mini project too soon, okay? ;) bagi reader tertanya2 and tak sabar dulu. ^^

may Allah bless. always.

annur kardashian said...

gudluck in your study at sydney. i really enjoy all ur videos. and this entry is talking about NUR? hurmm. just like my name . haha. anyway, i proud to know a man just like you :)

mcnih said...

citer yg bes..even mcm jump2 tp still ok...each episode should longer...keep it up!!

pluginbaby said...

wow, you gotta lots of female fans out there, me? i dont think im an exception. ur gd. u speak for other peeps. so yeah, thanks. regards from munich :)

Unknown said...

When i started reading the story from the first episode, i thought u were writing about yourself. Then u mentioned Aliff..Oh~
So how did u get these creative storyline? Did it just pop up in your head? Or, should i call it experience? *smile*

P/S: I like all your projects!

Nur said...

Buat sambungan cerita ni please.