Tuesday, July 10, 2012

First Day of NCG2012

"It is not your fault should you lose. It is your fault should you not give your very best."

So I'm here at Bond University, Goldcoast watching the handball competition. The picture is of a guy attempting a shot at goal in midair. It was shot with the phone camera, so please forgive the less the optimal picture quality.

It's the first day of NCG 2012, and I've been the spectator to four sports now, namely football, basketball, netball and handball. After not being in sport for so long, I have rediscovered why sports is so important to me. It teaches me a lot of things, but the most valuable lesson, in my humble opinion, is the quote that I started the post with.

It's never about winning or losing, because that's pretty much predetermined by the Planner of Plans. It has everything to do with the effort we put into our game. The preperation, the training, the communication, the performance, that's all left for us to do. It is our responsibility to give it our all, however much or little that may be. And leave the rest to Allah.

May peace be upon you.



anak abah man said...

before this, i tot sport was just 'lagha' stuff..until recently, i wathed a video..the speaker told a story(seerah actually) of rasulullah participating in sport..then i realize, ooh, sport is actually a sunnah..that change my perception..alot:)

anak pak man said...

anak abah man,
share the video maybe? :)

anak abah man said...

~fattabiouni =bersukan cara rasulullah