Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shout Awards 2012 (Who to vote?)

"Guess he had nothing to say," Hope in the Air by Laura Marling.

So surprisingly, I've been nominated for the upcoming Shout Awards. Alhamdulillah. In this post I'm going to talk about who/what I'm going to vote for in the Awards and why. Why? Because I feel like it. Now check it!

Rockstar Award

List of nomnoms: Bunkface, Estranged, Faizal Tahir, Hujan, Love Me Butch, Monoloque.

Who I'm voting for: Hujan (no duh~)

Why: Because they revolutionized the Malaysian music scene when they first burst onto the scene. Because they're fantastic to see live. Because they have ventured into other markets as well. But most of all, because they make high quality music.

Break Out Award (Best New Act)

List of nomnoms: Diandra Arjunaidi, Go Gerila!, Kyoto Protocol, Massacre Conspiracy, Najwa, Oh! Chentaku.

Who I'm voting for: Go Gerila!

Why: Because of the bang they made when debuting as a band in Versus. Because of their originality and sense of adventure when it comes to music. Because they look poised to become a big influence in Malaysia's music scene in years to come.

Fresh TV Series Award

List of nomnoms: Betul Ke Bohong?, Friday I'm In Love, Projek Pop, Tentang Dhia, Versus - Konfrontasi Terakhir, Yuna - Bintang Di Langit.

What I'm voting for: Versus - Konfrontasi Terakhir.

Why: Because of the originality of the idea and the originality it subsequently produced. Because of the myriad of memorable acts it has staged. Because Hujan, Go Gerila! and Black & Parallax.

Wired Celebrity Award

List of nomnoms: AG Coco, Altimet, Celepets, Fatimah Abu Bakar, Sofia Jane, Yuna.

Who I'm voting for: AG Coco.

Why: Because he's the most down to earth rockstar you could hope to meet. Because of his exemplary passion and hard work. Because he doesn't forget his roots. Because he's active on all the social networking sites that matter.

Shout! Aloud Award

List of nomnoms: Faradyable, yours truly, JinnyboyTV, Matluthfi90, Popteevee, The Wknd.

Who I'm voting for because I won't vote for myself: Matluthfi90.

Why: Because his work can only be described as genius. Because he does almost everything in his videos himself. Because he talks about things that matter. Because he's hilarious. Because he deserves it the most.


So to vote, you guys can click over here :

You may vote ten times per day until the 22nd of November 2012.

May peace be upon you.


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Hanis Mohamad Din Yati said...

I vote for Go Gerila and Versus too :) BTW, good luck for Shout Awards. Ah I'm voting for you too. Good luck once again :))