Thursday, March 28, 2013

Notes on a Plane

"Never want to put my heart on the line," Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars.

So I've been wanting to write for forever, but the usual mind blank happens everytime I open blogger. Sungguh tak sihat.

So I've scrolled the "notes" I have in my phone and I came across this list of thoughts I had while being really bored on the plane back to Malaysia in December. Here they are:

- When you're in the service business, please smile to your clients/customers, at the very least.
- When a client/customer asks "Can you help me do that?", one of the worst responses you can give is "Can you please help yourself?"
-Because the air outside can reach temperatures as low as -50 degrees Celsius, airplanes must have heaters instead of coolers, huh?
- I wonder if any airline still condones smoking in their aircrafts.
- Remember to always have a handkerchief handy. You never know when your nose is going to run. Tissues just don't get the job done very well. They might even be making it worse.
- I wonder what good seatbelts do on an airplane.
- I wonder if I'll be calling Sydney regularly after this. I hope I do.
- Should be high time airplanes have free wifi (pun intended). At least good airplanes.
- Help others and don't expect anything in return. You'll be disappointed if you do. The root of all disappointment is expectation. Or something like that.
- Malaysia. Food. Goody.
- I wonder when squat toilets will be the norm worldwide.


In retrospect, the list isn't very extensive for an 8-hour plane ride. But then again I was trying my hardest to sleep the whole way to avoid being all sad and stuff.

May peace be upon all of you!



Asma said...

Your notes are so random lol!

anak pak man said...

Aren't they just? lawls

cik izars said...

squat toilet norm worlwide? haha..

naik lah ap kenderaan pon im the type that wont sleep during the it bus, airplne, even 6 hours of flying daydreaming was sumtin i did better haha..

Anonymous said...

agree with u bout d wifi part!

- lipao

Cornettoluvperhaps said...

Definitely agree with the first note. Kat UK even mak cik cleaner pun boleh senyum dekat kita, kalo yang tinggi2 lagi la, sellers, bankers,lagi2 cashier..sigh. So gonna missed good manners here once i'm back in malysia. ;((

Cornettoluvperhaps said...

Gotta agree with the first note!. So gonna missed good manners here in UK once i'm back in malaysia.Kalau la pekerja malaysia juga boleh bermanis muka dan bercakap dgn sopan dan full of respect..