Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Welcome To Our Podcast

As I’m typing this post, I am listening to Episode 46 of Welcome To Our Podcast ( ) hosted by Mike Falzone. The show is usually joined by the co-host of the show, who is also the girlfriend of Mike: Zoja. But this particular episode was recorded away from their house in Los Angeles, so only Mike is hosting it.

What the show usually consists of is about twenty minutes of them talking about whatever interesting things happened to them throughout the week, and about another twenty minutes of them answering questions that people ask them through Twitter. Sometimes they have guests on the show and they talk about things that are related to the the guests of the day (like on the one I’m listening to right now, they’re Tessa Violet and Rusty Clanton, who are youtubers and musicians). 

I hadn’t listened to podcasts before I tried listening to Welcome To Our Podcast (WOTP), and after I’ve been listening to the show for several months now, I still haven’t listened to any other podcast as consistently as I listen to WOTP. It’s a great show, sure. It’s funny, insightful and has a good vibe to it with the back and forth that Mike and Zoja have, and listening to them having these conversations, it’s like I’ve become, however briefly, a friend of theirs who are right there with them in their apartment, listening to them tell me interesting stories and making funny jokes. It’s that feeling of being an insider to the setting that keeps me in, I guess is another way to put it.

The thing about podcasts is that it’s a lot like radio shows, just without the songs and numerous ads in between. But I rarely get the same feeling I do from listening to WOTP when I listen to anything on the radio. It’s that feeling of intimacy and closeness that you get through listening to two people having conversations regularly that you are able to understand and appreciate their dynamic and get their inside jokes, because you’ve been put on the inside part of it too.

It’s a really great way to start your day, at least I think so. And I hope to make a podcast with my significant other as well one day, so that we may spread that cheer and just that great feeling of listening to people having great conversations.

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