Wednesday, August 5, 2015


This piece is meant to be spoken.

You call me lame
as if I'm supposed to be ashamed.
If I could,
I would put lame in my name,
and use it with pride.
I'd be like
"Hi, my name is Anwar Lame Hadi,
nice to meet your acquaintance!"
You see the word lame
like it's used to describe a lamb with three legs.
I take that as a compliment, if you know what I mean.
I mean, lame isn't a derogatory term, no.
It's a frame of mind
out of which I find
the world to be unconfined.
While you're looking through windows,
I'll look through Apples.
I don't find the humour in being
the same as every other human being.
You may be comfortable with conformity,
but I have trouble keeping a straight face when I hear a fart.
And that may indicate
that I'm not as sophisticated
as you grown ups up in here.
It may even point towards me
and my supposed inability 
To grow out of immaturity.
But if growing up means being the same as everyone else then I may as well stay seven forever.
I also have trouble staying on topic, aparently.
What you call lame, I call unique.
What you call lame, I call needs more brain power to process.
What you call lame, I call me maybe.
Wait, I just met you. This is crazy.
What you call lame, I call awesome.
And in response to my lameness, 
you might say "but I'm confused!"
To that, I can only say
"Hi confused, I'm Anwar Lame Hadi."


Unknown said...

Nice piece of 'lame'
Great job sir!

themalin said...

Lama tak menulis? Well, im waiting for the next post, :)

Keladi Betawi said...

hi anwarhadi. just found ur blog. Suka sangat. I'm going to read it fr the beginning k. If u see a visitor from Btu and yang tak acknowledge after reading, thats me k.

Anonymous said...

such poetry, such skills.
Thanks Mr. Lame Hadi, you're a cheerleader when I needed motivation.