Monday, February 8, 2016

Don't Like Repeating Myself

So I've noticed that some people are okay with talking about the same things over and over again. Not only that, the way in which it is discussed as well as the content of the discussion doesn't stray very far away from each other. It's almost as if they're repeating themselves again and again.

I don't feel comfortable with that. I think in a lot of my endeavours, I actively strive to write about different things, and even when I do end up talking about something I've already talked/written about before, I always have this urge to bring something new to the table, be it a new insight or a different perspective on the topic discussed. I get bored with repetition pretty easily, which becomes a huge weakness when I need to memorise my own songs, which requires lots and lots of repetition.

Besides that, this "cepat bosan" attitude makes it difficult for me to write consistently, since I don't always have new thoughts floating around in my head. More often than not, it's the same old thoughts, being thought about in the same old way. And because of this, I often feel like I have nothing to write about, when a more truthful statement would be that I have nothing new to write about.

One of the sayings that I try to stay true to is "make content you would watch/read/listen to yourself". And even though to this end, thus far I have been able to more or less toe that line, I feel like sooner rather than later, I'll make more and more boring stuff, since I'll eventually talk about something I've already talked about. Even though I'll strive to not let that happen, there's no guarantee that it won't, and I suppose that scares me a little (or even a lot).

I suppose in those instances, I'll have to remind myself even more that being creative is not about creating something out of thin air, but rather a compression of your own and other peoples' experiences put into writing/song/visuals. I'll have to try even harder to remember that my job isn't to create something out of nothing, because that is plainly beyond your power, but rather to put together a whole bunch of other things and turn all of that into a something.

So here's to not forgetting that we're mere mortals that aren't capable of creating something out of nothing, and that that's really just fine.

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