Thursday, February 18, 2010

CNY Holidays (Part 3)

"One look sends it coursing through the veins," You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me by Arctic Monkeys.

Place: Home
Time: 5.43pm
Mood: Full, tired and flustered.


I knew I should have uploaded those pictures when I had the chance.

I'm referring to the pictures of part 3 of my CNY holiday adventure. The camera has been taken away.

I'll start from the start.

So after another unproductive morning and afternoon at Ayah Su's, I was relieved when Mak asked us "Let's go Nilai 3-ing?" Even though I knew that there was nothing much there for an almost 20 year-old notaboynotyetaman like me and his brother, but I was itching to get out of the house.

So we, I drove the Toyota Serena there to be greeted by acres and acres of textile stores. ACRES! While Mak and Kak Fatin went to do their thang, Boy and me just wandered around, looking at uninteresting stuff while snapping some pictures.

(The pictures would have been here if I had them with me)

With the day nearing dusk, we headed back home, just a less-than-10-minute drive back to the house.

Then we had a great dinner, spaghetti and meatballs! I ate 'till I couldn't eats no mores. Shortly after that, we packed our things and headed on home.

Funny (stupid, careless, stupid) thing happened on our way back. I was awaken from my slumber by my father and asked if I could drive up until Tapah (we just exited Sg. Buloh at the time). I gladly accepted while repeating to myself in my head "Just go straight, no turning."

That mantra turned out to be my downfall as the first turn that I missed turned out to be THE turn that I had to make (and this wasn't even 3 kilometres into my taking the wheel).

I (unintentionally, stupidly) took us back towards KL. My father took the wheel back from me in a jiffy and he brought us back on track.

Funny story, right?

Moral of the story: read the friggin' road signs!!!

It wasn't all bad news. I was given a rare second chance to drive midway through the trip. I drove for almost an hour before my eyes failed me and I had to surrender. Before you say that I'm weak, I didn't know that I was expected to drive. If I did, I would have taken a nap that afternoon to be in better condition to drive that night.

So we arrived home at about 3.30 in the morning, unpacked and continued sleeping until Subuh, then I prolonged my session until 10.30 am.

I woke up to find that my father had already hopped on a bus back to KL and subsequently hopping to KLIA to hop on a plane that would hop to Bangkok. Tournament there.

I started with my HD assignment, but before I could finish even one paragraph, I thought "Hey, I need to renew my IC!" So off with Adam to Guar to get that settled.

But before that, I extracted some of my allowance money to be put into my Tabung Haji account so that I wouldn't get any bright ideas to spend it all in Vegas (or in the Malaysian context, Genting).

The most money that has ever been in my wallet at one time. (Tak banyak pon)

The immigration office, waiting my turn. And waiting. And waiting.

Then we got home, and I immediately felt the urge to update bloggy.

I asked Boy, "Where's the Lumix (camera)?"

He replied "Bapak bawak.."

As you would imagine, I was berry astonished to find out.

Because he took it with him, I can't post any pictures taken from that camera. And there were quite a few interesting ones in there too.

Oh well, as Nirvana would put it, nevermind. Another day, another dollar. He who laughs last laughs best. A penny saved is a penny earned. The early bird catches the worm. And a bag of chips.

info: the pictures of me with the money and the immigration office were taken with my black FujiFilm.



wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said...

hahaha..2la nwar..
len kali tgok signboard..
kan da abis msa n minyak keta,kna patah blik,muahehehe..
huhu..da start hd?fuhh..cayalah,meowss..
sronoklaa drimu g jln2 cuti nie..

anak pak man said...

tu ah.. wuwu~
stat ja.. 100 pkataan pon xsmpai lg.. huhu

WiDa said...

I think u in the state of 'weng'at that moment. What I can do is, LAUGH...LAUGH OUT LOUD...hahhahahahahaha...XD

Ni mesti xamek clorox yg aku soh hg amek kt pak su hg nie..Weng smpi xtgk signboard...mmg 'tepu' gila hg...tch..tch...tch

anak pak man said...

ya, terlebih weng kot..
wang xdak pulak.. huhu

WiDa said...

xbley nk kata apa dh la...hg pi ngn family, bkn pi ngn, xbley nk slhkn hg guna duit, right?

supposedly, bila bercuti2, otak xweng...hg, len jdnya...pelik2

about ur i/c, no longer that 'cute' face of urs la noe? awww...poor u...:)

anak pak man said...

dah aku mmg pelik..
yeah, im gonna miss that poor fella..