Friday, February 12, 2010

Long Time No See

"Repetition is memory. Memory is ENERGY!!!," Mr. Raju, Education Philosophy lecturer.

Yeah, I'm back typing. And I'm gonna spare you the ohmygodmylifehasbeensohecticlatelythatidonthavetimetoblog bull.

This post is just here to inform you that I won't be updating you guys with the stuff that's got me busy the past month or so. Instead, future posts will be mostly about my CNY holiday. My aim is to have a post everyday for the next week, updating you guys with my 9-day holiday.

If by any chance I won't be able to get Internet connection (please don't happen), then I guess it'll be too bad. BUT, as us Muslims say, "Sebaik-baik perancang adalah Allah (Allah knows best)," so I shouldn't complain if that happens.

Oh yeah, we (the familia) will staying in my Aunts' and Uncles' houses in Melaka and Nilai for the next 6 days, so that'll be something to blog about (right?). And we'll be going off at 2am later.

If the posts are uninteresting, then you can always go see videos of nigahiga to cheer yourself up. So, with that, I leave you with his latest video.



WiDa said...

hg mmg xbley tggl nigahiga...haish...

have a safe journey!

anak pak man said...

mmg xbleh! haha
thanks~ safe journey to u too..
(penang jea pon)

WiDa said... la sgt...dlm bus td, kaki aku mcm nk naik ka kt owg...owg men pijak2 ja kaki aku...haish...dh la jam jln...

cik penguin said...

heyh llama ;P
happy hols~! please do take time to relax and rest these days. it doesn't do you any good to go hustle-bustling >_<

anak pak man said...

too bad 4 u.. hehe

cik penguin,
happy hols to u too!
thanks! will try my best~