Friday, February 19, 2010

Hate Bad Habits

"Hate is a strong word, but I really really really don't like you," Hate (I Really Don't Like You) by Plain White T's.

The holiday mood has died down a little, so I thought I'd post something unrelated to my holidays. This post has been on my draft page for a long time, so I figured "might as well get it over and done with." And now, on with the post.

And yeah, hate is a bit strong, but I really, really, really don't like people who:

1. Chew with their mouths open.
You know who they are. They could be family members, friends or even enemies. They make sitting at the same table with them for any meal just plain torture. Those responsible for making you lose your appetite because you've been grinding your teeth the whole time they're eating. Those unfortunate enough to receive a basic life lesson: No one wants to see or hear what's going on inside your mouth, so shut it! For crying out loud, just SHUT IT!

2. Don't know how to signal their turns.
It's a big mystery how these people even got their driving license. Oh wait, these are the people who are two-faced. When there's a law enforcement officer in sight, they turn into frickin' angels, going at 20 km/h, seat belts securely buckled, both hands on wheels, signalling every turn (some even go to the extent of using hand signals). But devil may care when there's no policeman or JPJ officer there. Frickin' speeding and changing lanes like the roads were purposely made for their personal indulgence. How I would like to slam Adam into these douchebags of the road. If only it was the Gadget-mobile. *sigh

3. Litter.
If the world were a big trash can, then all the inhabitants would be the trash. Do you like being called trash? Then stop acting like the world is a trash can! (VERY articulately put, anak pak man) Seriously, every time I see a person litter right in front of me, several things would go through my mind, and they don't stop short at verbal abuse. Usually, I would feel like ripping the person's limbs off, one by one and sewing them back on and make them drink their own blood right after it has been boiled (too much horror movies for you, anak pak man). But usually I just pick up the litter for them in hopes of them feeling a deep crevice of shame materializing inside of their conscience.

There are a few more bad habits that I can't stand, but at the moment, only these come to mind. I'll post a part 2 of this post if any great annoyances come to mind.

How about you? Any bad habits that you can't stand? Don't feel shy to drop a comment!



WiDa said...

About 'chew with their mouth open', I really can't accept those who chew wide mouth open and add with 'special' sound effects...really gross!

About the signal thingy, I ALMOST get slammed by cars or motors and they blamed me for not turning left-right bfore crossing the road. Actually they're the one on fault! No signals at making us the pedestrians and other road users confused and our life at stake!

About littering, maybe they think that they're cool enough to litter! Dh mata depa xsakit nengok smph bertimbun2..Bila banjir, salahkn pihak MPSP x kutip smpah kt longkang..Bila aedes, slhkn org tukang sapu xbwt krja...Bila kucing, anjing n bnda2 yg suka mkn smpah makin byk, slhkn MPSP lg! Pdhal, smpah tue depa yg bwt, dok tuding jari kt org len!

'Boo' for all these people!

anak pak man said...

boo~ :P

WiDa said...

yeah, I have supporters! haha ")

phytohystrix said...


How I wish drivers could kindly make it easier for others by signalling where appropriate and driving with their best ethics. And I dislike queue-cutters. Met one this noon. Nothing to say,just common sense and maturity. Not a thing to be reminded over again at 30's,then,yes. Nothing to be said,

anak pak man said...

penang drivers= Que cutters.
It's almost like a sort of art for them, Que-cutting.So much so that I have turned into one.. haha

Anonymous said...

membelok tanpa beri signal - salah satu perkara paling bodoh dalam dunia ni.


anak pak man said...

Yeah, stupidity is an adjective that is suitable for em..