Monday, January 31, 2011

By The Water #4

"Count to seventeen and close your eyes," S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W by My Chemical Romance.


"Not everyday. And from a guy too," Nur walked away still concealing her smile.

She has been waiting tables here at her father's shop ever since she finished her diploma in Business Management, and that was about five or six months ago. Her father didn't think too much about her only daughter getting a degree. Her older brother already did that. She can do what a woman is supposed to do, take orders from other people, was what her father always said. She never said anything back.

The thing about Permaipura is that it's filled with everyday middle-to-upper-class people who share one philosophy in common, "all play and no work makes Jack a dumb boy". Actually, it's more like "any play at all will make you dumb, so work, work, work!" They are all work-driven and they are never satisfied with their lives, at least that's what Nur could observe. Even during weekend breakfast sessions like these, most of them would be on their phones talking about buying or selling something to somebody, usually overseas.

And their thoughts are so concentrated on achieving comfort in this life, it makes her wonder if they've made any preparations for the afterlife. After all, a lot of these people are her people, and share her religion. But whenever she gives the salam, it's very rare that anyone replies. That's what made the guy remain in her thoughts for a while. Not everyday.


My prayers go out to all the Muslims in Egypt and Tunisia. Malaysians, please be thankful for the peace that we have here. Please.

And sorry for not posting for two days in a row. Been busy. Yeah.

May peace be upon you.



SJKCSJ: where learning begins said...

i came accross ur penny if thoughts on youtube and i just couldn't agree more to it.(abt the eww thing).haha.
this blog is actually quite nice too.

btw, am an english teacher in an sjk school. u got a thing in writing and plz keep it up.sweet.

btw, this's mine:

anak pak man said...

Thanks! The love is much appreciated! ^_^

fizzahyahiya said...

"That's what made the guy remain in her thoughts for a while. Not everyday."

Amboi, kerek juga minah ni eh. Apa salahnya EVERYDAY. haha.