Monday, March 23, 2015

Every Person A Story

The world is a sphere full of stories.
There are 6 billion people round the Earth.
Each and every one of them different.
Each and every one of them unique.
Each and every one of them a story.

And that's not to even mention the
102 billion that have come before the six.
Just imagine, every individual, a walking book
just waiting to be told.
Just waiting to be read.
Just waiting to unfold.

And all those six billion stories
that tread the ground are bound
by one timeline.
They are all being unraveled
Isn't that crazy?

To think that
right now, two brand new people
are being born into this world.
You can't help but imagine
both sets of parents jubilant 
to have witnessed the miracle of miracles
occur right in front of their very eyes.

Yet, by the time it took for me to finish that sentence
twenty other people have reached the end of their time
here on Earth.

It's crazy to think that right at this very moment
people are waking up and sleeping at the same time,
falling in love and falling apart, or maybe just falling, at the same time,
doing their first open mic and selling out stadiums, at the same time,
watching football and tanam padi at the same time.

Mind-boggling how that's our reality.
And yet most of the time we're trapped in our heads,
worrying about ourselves, yourself, myself,
without the awareness of our own uniqueness,
and our insignificance.

You're having a bad day?
Believe that someone has it worse.
You're having an awesome one?
Knowledge is a curse 
that won't let you be the happiest bear
because you know somewhere out there
someone's doing infinitely better
paralleled by yet another cracking under pressure.

This puts us in a middle zone,
an area of awareness that reminds us 
to at all times, be mindblown,
and chill.

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Anonymous said...

Life's a crazy, beautiful & complicated stage with no pause button.