Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Saying Yes

The first thing I heard upon waking up this morning was "Abang, nak pi Kota Bharu ka dak?" and my immediate response was "Nak!" I hadn't even digested who asked me the question, yet without a moment's hesitation, I agreed. Now that I think about who asked me the question, it was definitely one of my aunts. I just can't remember which.

That occurence triggered a train of thought in my mind, mostly centered around the phrase "say yes to life!" like in that Jim Carrey movie you may or may not have watched.

Why i thought about that phrase is that upon reflecting on myself and my general attitude towards stuff and things, I find that I say yes to a lot of things. At least I say yes a lot more than I say no. And I find that comforting.

People can tell me to do stuff and more often than not, I'd say "sure, why not?" or something along those lines. I like being able to say yes to things and taking on things that are either new experiences or that helps other people from whatever trouble they're having.

Like earlier today, when asked if I wanted to go to Kota Bharu, I could have said no because I still had a book to finish reading (I've been reading it for three months now) as well as some exam papers to mark, but I disregarded them for the opportunity to say yes. I wouldn't say no to a chance to broaden my horizons by going out into the world, to places I don't usually go for the slightest of chances that something interesting might happen that would enrich my life even ever so slightly.

Sometimes I say yes just because I have no good reason to say no. A fictional example would be that if a teacher asked me to take over a relief slip for her/his class during which I don't have any classes to go to, I'd say yes. Some teachers I know would chime in with an "ehhh, baiknyaaa," at this, but the truth of the matter is, the only reason I said yes to it is because I couldn't answer the question "why not?" If I don't have a reason to say no, I'd say yes. Not because I'm baik (far from it), but because I really don't have any real reasons to decline.

Saying yes to things may have taken away my time from the things that I'd rather focus on, but it's been within my nature to do that ever since I don't know when. I was definitely made consciously aware of this trait when I watched Jim Carrey's Yes movie. And it's not like I'm begrudging this or anything. It's a God-given inclination within me that I'm hopeful will lead to good things.

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