Monday, May 29, 2017

Get To Know Me?

So there's been this picture going around on Twitter, and people are writing facts about themselves, and it's made for some interesting reads so far.

I've been intrigued for a couple of days now and I would like to engage in it. The only part that I personally don't quite like about it is that it asks for likes from others. There's nothing wrong with it, I'm just not a fan, like I'm not a fan of Beyoncé. Nothing wrong with her, I'm just not a fan. Similarly, I'm just not a fan of the concept of exchanging likes for actions, so I'll just write down some facts here.

1. I'm not a fan of Beyoncé. Nothing wrong with her, I'm just not a fan.

2. I used to write and record Malay rap songs at . I miss doing it.

3. I pretend to not care about people not watching my videos anymore, but deep down, I do care. It makes me feel like I'm not worth anything to anyone anymore. And that sucks.

4. But I know that that is untrue. Some people still do watch my videos. And I'm grateful they exist.

5. I almost never feel like I fit in with any group of people. I always feel like I'm the most expendable person of any given group.

6. I feel like everything I do is mediocre. The formula is "me + verb = mediocre".

7. I'm 177cm tall.

8. Once when I was nine or something, I spelled "belimbing" as "bembiling". I have been carrying that mistake with me ever since.

9. I have just recovered from a mumps fever. Worst week of 2017 so far, hands down.

10. I've fractured two bones throughout my life so far. My left wrist when I was 8 (fell off monkey bars), and my lower jaw when I was 21 (took a knee to the chin when playing rugby).

11. I like hugging people I like, but I'm always afraid that the other person tak suka, so I keep it to myself sampai they come in for a hug first.

12. I believe I'm the least talented of all the people I know.

13. I don't know.


x_lyn said...
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afifah said...

Just FYI, the apa kes-ah series is a genius! I truly loved it.

This post was like my depress-ish PMS period. Lol. I guess it does feel good to actually write it down because I know I have done a couple of blog posts about this. You're 177cm? That's talllllllllll. #5 and #6 have been a struggle for me too. I was actually been into an identity crisis like observing others and be that likeable person. It feels hollows though. I wrote this down and someway along those rambling I figures that I love being myself way more than to bother feeling sorry for myself. It does feel lonely at times but I believe Allah will give someone for me so that helps me going.

Alas, cheers up. If anything this Ramadhan will make a person feels closer to Allah and that's is such a soothing feeling to calm a person's heart. I'm guessing this is because of your mumps huh?

Afifah Addnan

Nadhirah said...

i would say that you are a no mediocre-level of a writer. i really adore your blog posts and hoping to improve my English as well! You are someone I would look up to whenever I write something, whether it be my blog posts or my journal.

IqbalHakim said...

dude, you still got viewers who always watch your videos.. and I'm a fan since I was 20 years old.. so, it was like a 7 years of fan-ship perhaps? hahaha..

do the best you can in sharing info and creating awareness. especially with the all new Apa Kes-Ah? something new for me. it keeps me updated on somethings trending in the net.

got to go.. but all the best!

HD said...

no 5 is so like me. always felt like I dont belong in any group. always feel like the awkward one. anyway you certainly are not a mediocre writing. not yet Stephen Hawkings or JK ROwlings level maybe but certainly one Malaysian blogs that I enjoyed reading.