Saturday, January 31, 2009


WHY?? is indeed the question..
I've been reading other people's blogs and I've noticed that most of my fellow bloggers write about some pretty depressing stuff.. You know.. About lost love, hurt feelings, angst, anger, annoyance and all that hooblah..Yeah I'm still new and everything, but..
WHY can't we write about the good stuff? WHY can't we look at our lives more positively? WHY do we vent out at people in blogs, where those people will have a very very slim chance of coming across that post in the first place? WHY don't we confront our problems in real life, rather than puke it all out here where it can solve nothing? WHY do you make us unsuspecting readers (me included of course) feel guilty over something we didn't even do, just by reading your unspecified rant?
I made this blogg to entertain and to share, and I hope I will keep on doing just that. Let's just hope I don't turn into a sourpuss like the ones I've mentioned above yeah?
eh, aku pon dah jadi depresant seperti di atas! Apa yang aku dok tuleh neh??

I guess blogs were meant to be written like this..
Up mine! haha

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Fate, hah? said...

imo,kadangkala orang cuma perlukan tempat untuk meluahkan perasaan,that's all. meluahkan perasaan dapat hilangkan tekanan. sometimes bloggers just don't care ada org baca blog diorg ke tak. that's why ada blog yang personal, ada blog untuk public...

sekadar pendapat;)