Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY Holidays (Part 2)

"We stare at broken clocks," Suicide Season by Bring Me The Horizon.

Place: Again, at Ayah Su's house.
Time: 1.34am
Mood: Sleepy, but determined to update blog.

So yeah, I've been away for a few days. Been crashin' at my Aunt's place for 2 nights, with no Internet connection, so no updates (obviously).

Sparing you the moody mumbo-jumbo (mumbo jumbo? seriously?), I get to the second part of my week-long CNY holiday.

So, after chillin' at Ayah Su's house, off we went to Melaka to go to Cik Mah's house pulak. It took us a while and we arrived at about midnight. Distraught at finding out that Internet connection was nowhere to be found, I found solace in the conversations that my cousins (kak Fatin n Kak Farah) provided me. We always had stuff to talk about, ranging from the serious thing like family matters to the downright mengarut (nonsensical) things like aerobics for hospital patients.

The house upon arrival.

Me, Kak Farah and Nurul.

Kak Fatin.

Nothing that eventful took place the following day. But for dinner, we went to
Yeah, ikan bakar (burned fish?) baybeh!

And pix!

3 beradik: Cik Mah, Ayah Su and Mak.

Full stomachs!

Posing upon departure.

Unfortunately, no food pictures were taken as they were too anxious to get into our stomachs to be snapped by the lens.

The following day, we headed to Dataran Pahlawan (I just found out that it was a mall) and visited the A Famosa Fort.

Amirul leading the way.

In front of le Forte~

Amirul giving Aina a piggy-back ride up the stairs. (Awwwww~)

All the kids! Photography session on top.

We wanted to go on the Taming Sari Tower too, but were put off after discovering that you needed to wait in line for an eternity to even get close the ride.

This is the tower. Looks pretty cool from here, the back of the line.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I met up with Julia? She treated me and Boy to Burger King at Mahkota Parade. Thanks!!!

Boy is behind the lens.

After that, we were pretty much done with walking around, so we headed back to the house in Duyong. We set off to Nilai again at about 9 o'clock. We took a slight detour to have some famous Hj. Samuri Satay Kajang. (sorry, no pics. concentrating on the eating).

A few burps later, we arrived safely to where I'm typing now, Ayah Su's crib.

That's all for part 2.



WiDa said...

merata hg pi jln noe...siap dating ngn jujue siap...


anak pak man said...

hehe, besa la~ ada member saja la klau xajak lepak..

WiDa said...


phytohystrix said...


Huhuhu...pegi Mines! Wii...!

phytohystrix said...

Easy dearie,awat nak jeles? Jom g borders blk maktab nnt okies? Jom skali pic! Beli buku jom. Membaca amln mulia. (buku kat dlm smpnn x abih lg,beli baru je kejenye)

Hai jujue! Nnt2 tlg blanje pic sy mkn cincalok! :D

anak pak man said...

Huih, buku yg dok ada lani pon xterbaca lagi.. tapa lah, aku teman ampa tengok2 buku dahla..
saya kurang mahir dalam seni memakan cencalok~