Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CNY Holidays (Part 2.5)

"I won't give up on you...So don't give up on me," The Sadness Will Never End by Bring Me The Horizon.

Place: STILL at Ayah Su's House
Time: 1.14am
Mood: Too bored. And hungry.

This post can't really be called the 3rd part, because absolutely NOTHING interesting happened today.

I was awaken at 11 something (early for my standards) by Mak asking me if I wanted to go to Nilai 3 to get some shopping done. Not being in much of a shopping mood (and with an ever deflating bank deficit), I politely declined. Little did I know that it was to be the only invitation out of the house that I would receive for the whole day.


So today was spent with Facebook status updates, photo comments, status comments, YouTubing, movie watching (re-watched 300 and Zombieland) and basically, hardcore time-wasting. (Oh crap, I feel guilty).

I don't think the WHOLE day was unproductive. I did get a little transcribing done for my Ed. Philosophy assignment. Yeah, just a little bit. It's just uber-boring listening to teachers talking about the KBSR and the NPE (and I'm sure they get bored talking about it too).

Okay, I take that back. Being a teacher-trainee requires me to want to know all these things, and yeah, I do. But it's hard trying to concentrate with the brothers watching movies using the cool sound system and flat-screen Plasma TV here in Ayah Su's house. Plus, I'm really into Bring Me The Horizon's Suicide Season at the moment. I even searched Oli Sykes (the lead vocalist) on YouTube to see him in interviews. Okay, out of topic.

But I guess this post is pretty much a nothing post. But it's not in my nature to post a nothing post, so I'll leave you guys with something to smile about.

He is a cop,
and he's learning impaired.


p/s-Sorry, no pictures today. Only pictures of me belly-down in front of the laptop, and I know you won't dig that. Peace!


phytohystrix said...


Pic,bwk2 le blajo nulih krgn bm weih..ade jg menepaatnye. Tulih pantun ke,bt gurindam ke..praktis dondang syg pun ok jgk. Renti le membela ur pet tu. Yeah,ur perut. Buang karan aje. Sinful betui. Haih...

XD jgn mara aa..!

anak pak man said...

My perut is not my pet! My pet ialah Bagan nya perut! haha

Xkonpiden gua nak nulis BM..

xdpt nak menandingi Fikrah di Sayap Angin lagi.. huhuu