Thursday, March 19, 2015

What About 25

I'll be turning 25 this year. That age seemed to be so large to me back when I was still in school. But when I'm in the here and now, looking around to my peers and even those beyond my age, I find that not much has changed, and yet, everything has.

I've seen those younger than me mature and become such good thinkers I never thought was possible for a person of such age. I've also seen those much older than me that have still even asked the question of what maturity means, let alone go along the path towards it.

I've seen those younger than me take on marriage and become parents. And I've seen those much older than me who still can't imagine themselves being attached to just one person, let alone commit to a lifetime with a sole human being.

I've seen those younger than me tread their career paths and make an immense amount of money to support not only themselves but their families. And I've seen those older than me still scraping to make ends meet, some even living off the streets depending on the kindness of strangers for sustenance.

I've seen those younger than me much more spiritually developed, having knowledge of their religion within themselves and work everyday to get closer and closer to their Creator. And I've seen those much older than me still struggling to rest their foreheads on the ground even twice a year.

The question I asked myself earlier today for apparently no reason was, "what is a 25 year old supposed to be concerned about?" 

Some concern themselves with the news. Some with their business. Some with movies. Some with music. Some with making sure they go to heaven. Some with making sure that they tell other people that they're going to hell. Some with making sure they have a good time. Some with making the world a better place. Some with having a laugh. Some with fitting in. Some with standing out. Some with making money. Some with making friends. Some with creating experiences. Some with politics. Some with comic books. Some with teaching. Some with learning. Some with being superior to others. Some with working hard. Some with making others feel bad about working hard. Some with telling off the government. Some with telling off Wak Doyok. Some with getting girls. Some with getting accepted. Some with themselves. Some with everyone else.

I suppose there's really no right and wrong. There's just reasonable, and unreasonable. There's decent, and indecent. There's kind, and unkind. There's beneficial, and detrimental.

On which side of the coin do we choose to fall? And it is, of course, a choice.


Unknown said...

I'm turning 25 this year too and I have the same thought as you, finding that not much has changed when everything has changed.I find it a little scary, turning 25. I feel like I'm neither young nor am I THAT old, not quite sure whether I'm as mature or wise as I should be at this age. Hahah but i guess that's just me.It seems like everyone else is comfortable bein in their 25 year old self.

Muhammad Sofian said...

a choice is a choice. not necessarily a same coin, though.