Sunday, May 10, 2015

What Will You Be Doing When The Lights Go Out?

I came across a good reminder earlier today, while having a conversation with a friend. He asked me about whether or not I knew about the Nepal earthquakes, and I said I did. He asked if I knew about the Malaysian who got caught in that earthquake and passed away, and I said I didn't. He said that he knew the individual who passed away, personally. They weren't very close, but the deceased was the first person who my friend made a song for, so he was of some significance to that friend of mine.

My friend was also friends with the deceased on Facebook, so he received sporadic updates about that person. He knew that he was taking time for himself to get away from the stresses of everyday life and to travel the world, and had gone to India and other such places before going to Nepal. And my friend said "Good for him. He could have gone much worse. He could have died in front of a desk at work doing something that he hated. At least he was doing something that was making him happy."

And that's a very good point, I think. We never know when we're going to move on from this world. We can't choose when we will die. But we can most definitely choose what we'll be doing when death comes knocking at our door. Or at least I'd like to think so.

When the death angel comes to take away our soul from our body, what will be our main pursuit? Will it be to get through yet another day doing something that we hate for people we hate to get a means of sustenance to continue doing what we hate for the people we hate? Or will we be working hard to achieving our dreams? Will we be on the path of hatred, falsehood and negativity? Or will we be right in the middle of doing good things, spreading truth and positivity to the world? 

Believe it or not, a lot of our lives is about making choices, death being one of those rare exceptions. What shall you choose?


Unknown said...

What is your email address actually?

Unknown said...

Cmne dgn ur choice?
Seems, mati ni kalau blh org nk elak dn cuba lupakan. Kita pun mmg selalu lupa y kita mmg akn mati yet most people chose jalan y mmg xdpt nk reach redha Dia.