Saturday, January 31, 2015

Amir Meludah

Have any of you heard of Amir Meludah? He’s a rapper that raps in Malay. Homeboy goes hard. You can check his songs out here:

Anyway, he’s also come up with a couple of other initiatives to mempertengahkan dan memperkasakan Malay rap, which I respect and admire him for. They are as follows:

Yup, he made a whole website dedicated to helping users get their dose of Malay raps all in one URL. People who want to listen to other rappers that are rapping in Malay but aren’t getting played on the radio can pop into this website and gain a picture of how Malay rap is doing at the moment.

2. Pelatih Kata

Pelatih Kata is another website that intends to help wordsmiths in their pursuit of that right word to put at the end of a line. It’s a rhyme-dictionary for the Malay language, a much-needed one at that, because (to my knowledge, anyway) there isn’t anything like it out there in existence for the Malay language. This website has been very very useful to me in my rap-endeavour so far, and I encourage anyone who intends to write sajaks or puisis to go to


Amirmeludah is a man on a mission. And the work that he’s put in so far has been such amazing things that it’s hard not to admire the guy. Most people talk a big game but don’t really do anything about anything (points to self), but this dude is putting the work in to see his goal achieved, inspiring people, least of all me, to up their game and make a difference in the world that we live in, to become the change we wish to see.

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Amir said...

aku tengah nak exam, member aku bagitau pasal post hang. haha. jangan lupa aku punya

terima kasih berjuta kerana sokong.