Wednesday, January 14, 2015


I’m feeling as sleepy as that baby in the video that went viral several years ago that shifts between falling asleep and waking up seeing her mother and smiling the cutest little smile. Except I’m no baby. And I is no cute liddat.

But I had to get this down. This as in this blogpost. It’s part of what I really want to do within this month, which is to write every day. 

Now you might be asking, “awat had gigih sangat ni Anwad? Bukan ada sapa kisah pun kalau hang update blog hang ka dak. Over ja lebih.” And hey, you have a right to do so. Or you might not be asking that, since you’ve already closed this tab. And hey, you have every right to do that as well.

But the answer to that question is because I want to. I want to become a better writer. And how does one get better at anything? One practices. And by writing in this space, I practice. I put my thoughts into words and put those words into reality by typing them into the world.

There’s this piece of advice by some person that says, “the only time you’re improving yourself as a writer is when you’re writing,” or something like that. And I want to be persistent in this one.

One of my friends tweeted this quite a while back: Writers don’t write because they want to write. They write because they need to write.

And I need to write. Because I need to become a better writer. And writing is the only way in which I’m going to achieve that goal. If I am ever going to make the world a better place through my writing, I have to become a better writer. So me needs to persist.

Istiqamah is the “Islamic” term for it. And it’s highly valued in the Islamic world. It’s pretty obvious why. So persist, Anwar. Istiqamah.


aemynadira said...

hi it's nice to know u. :)
keep on blogging, don't let anyone get in your way to be a writer. ^^

AR said...

No, I care. I really do. Best kot baca blog ni, really envy with your english vocab bro, so terbaik. Haha. So please please do write everyday! :)