Friday, November 27, 2009

6 Reason Why Aidil Adha Isn't As "Rancak"

"Ikatan itu kubuka sendiri," Mencari Konklusi by Hujan.


Wake up in the morning, perform the Subuh prayer with my family, go back to sleep.

Woken up again at 8am by parents, reminded that it's Raya day. Oh. Shower, then to the mosque for the Sunat Aidil Adha prayers. Come back and... nothing.

It sure wasn't like Aidil Fitr, and I didn't expect it to be. Here are a few reasons why Aidil Fitri feels a lot more exciting than Aidil Adha (in my humble opinion, anyway)-->

1. No fasting.
In Syawal, we have just finished fasting for a whole month, and are looking forward to the first day of being able to eat during daylight after a month of staving away from food. Therefore, Aidil Fitri is much anticipated. In Zulhijjah, you have already been eating 3 square meals a day for months, so the impact is less.

2. No Ramadhan Bazaars.
The arrival of Aidil Fitri also signals the departure of Ramadhan bazaars, and you know us Malaysians, we loooove our bazaars. Last time I checked, there were no Hijrah Bazaars around.

3. No Aidil Adha songs.
Even 2 days into Ramadhan, we can already hear the "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri" songs being rotated everywhere; in shopping malls, from laptops, school PA systems, ringtones, everwhere. Try searching Malaysia for an Aidil Adha song and I would hail you as queen/king for a week.

4. Less open houses.
A lot of households spend a LOT of money on their Aidil Fitri open house that by the time Aidil Adha rolls around, they still have not finished paying off the debt accumulated from Syawal, so most don't hold huge open houses during this festive period.

5. No Hajj-goer, or Hajj-goer.
Either way, it only helps in retarding the celebrations. If there is a Hajj-goer in the family, then most of the money would have gone to paying for the Hajj, and most probably the parents won't be home, since they're in Mecca. On the other hand, if there is no Hajj-goer in the family, then there isn't much to go ga-ga over either. Just killing a cow or two. Or five.

6. SPM candidate in the household.
In my household anyway. It's smack dab in the middle of the most important exams in their lives, so they won't be going too crazy beraya here and beraya there.

Alas, I'm still thankful to be living and having the luxuries that I do. You should be too.

p/s- If anyone has got any more reasons, don't be shy to drop a comment.



pencari sejati said...

ad je lagu aidiladha

lagu2 nasyid....

*king naqib

cik penguin said...

one more reason. byk assignments need to be done. *sigh*
tp mase raya aidilfitri pun i had my finals. so, not much diff huh? =.="

anak pak man said...

thanks armouris! :)

bagi aku dengaq dulu~

cik penguin,
kesian~ tapa2, u'll hand in ur assignments smelling like cow.. haha