Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Bloody Knife

"Di lantai dansa inilah tempatku menyaksikan kugiran kegemaranku," Obsesi by Hujan.

I stare into the cold, lifeless eyes of his as a smirk emerges on my face. The nothingness portrayed in his stiff body shows that he was already that way since yesterday night. It doesn't matter. Soon, he'll join all his friends in the pit.

I reexamine my instrument. It's shiny blade, stained by countless cuts to innocent bodies reflects my hungry eyes as I come in again for another penetration of the flesh. Surprisingly, not that much blood is on it, but then again, I was a very neat person when it came to these things. You wouldn't want a mess when dealing with these matters. It would complicate things, if you know what I mean.

I exhale one last time before I raise my knife to cut into the stomach section of my victim. I slice off a section, revealing some guts and bone. Good.

I then open his mouth without that much force and insert my thumb into him and tear his lower mandible right off. How easily it rips off, almost too easy. The respiratory organs follow as I intricately dissect my victim as I was instructed to do. As expected, his guts followed, and I put it all away in the designated waste plastic bag.

"Phew, that's the last of 'em," I say to myself out loud. "Mak! Dah habis siang ikan!"



WiDa said...

mcm ku kenal ja pisau itu! Itulah pisau yg menusuk rib Bob Ewell (according to my group Maycomb's Tribune)

anak pak man said...

yup, the very same.. sharp eye.. tahniah~