Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm Back and Pie

"Farting is like burping through the other end."

My nose disagrees.

Yup, I have survived my foundation exams. My limbs are still intact and I'm still breathing, so I'm okay, I guess. Now I'll just wait on the edge of my seat to see if I made it to Macquarie University (excuse the spelling if it's wrong. I'm still not official).

It's amazing how 3 semesters just fly by. You enter, meet your roommate (Mesow), enter lectures, hold exhibitions, have class trips, move rooms and get a new roommate (Lan), play cards, watch movies, sleep (sometimes in class even), and before you know it, a year and a half has passed through your life. Wow.

And the Internet at IPGM KPP could not be worse, we had a whole week without it last week. I'm currently comfortably at home typing away, but I'll be back to Coombe Hill tomorrow for marching exercises.

What? Did I say marching?

Don't worry kids, No typo there. It turns out that the Institute was kind enough to plan a post-exam programme for us TESLians. Oienteering and Marching Course they call it. It lasts 6 working days, from Tuesday to Monday. Isn't the Institute just downright awesome? We were worried that all we could do was spend our mornings in bed to make up for the sleep lost from burning midnight oil for studying for the exams, but the Institute is always one step ahead of us trainees, and they proved this by introducing this cool course for us to look forward to. Fantastic.

Moving on from that dreaded topic. Pie.

I'm actually referring to PAI, which stand for Persatuan Agama Islam. What about PAI? Well, a few words uttered from a pal of mine got me thinking. And now I'm simply jotting (typing) down that thought.

Geng PAI, or in English, the PAI group (I refrain from using "gang" because of the bad connotation it brings). There's one in almost any place. Some groups are bigger than others, but they're there. And it's a good thing. They usually consist of nice people who frequent the surau and ask others to join them (to go to the surau). And it's a good thing.

BUT (yeah, there's always a but) what about the people who aren't in PAI?

Warning! Question mark galore ahead!

Why was PAI established? Certainly not to differentiate between the Muslims and the nons right? (If that were true, then there are a LOT of nons around.) Then was it an avenue for Muslims to be "Islamic" in? Then are the non-PAIs not Islamic? Or do we regard ourselves lesser Muslims, thus don't enter? Do we feel that if we enter PAI, we would have to walk around wearing skull-caps (kopiah) all the time? Would that be uncool? Do the PAIs wear their skull-caps all the time? No? Only when they pray, mostly? If we enter PAI, we would have to wear head scarves? Wait a minute, isn't that wajib for all Muslim girls? Then? If we enter PAI, can't we commit sins anymore? Do we want to commit sins? Don't we want pahalas? Don't we want to go to heaven? Do we want to go to hell? If we enter PAI, we might be considered a hypocrite? Are we not REAL MUSLIMS? Don't we pray to Allah? Isn't our prophet Nabi Muhammad (pbuh)? Don't we confess to the syahadah?

Back to the first question. Why was PAI established? Isn't PAI just a long term for ISLAM? Aren't all Muslims in the same club of Islam? Aren't we all supposed to be brothers and sisters and uncles and aunts? Aren't Muslims supposed to take care of one another, make sure we don't go astray, club or nay?

Hm, it's good to be back.



phytohystrix said...


One,the course. Two,the PAI thing.

Orienteering was quite ok,great the facilitator isn't a boring man for us to sit down and listen to. Gelak aje kejenye,haha.

PAI...this is the traditional mindset that has set its root in the core of our hearts. And,I do not know how it came about too. Spending a midnight thinking would be helpful. Who are we exactly,that there's such a stratification? I'd take it the seriousness of us practicing our beliefs,that led us to this extent. Let's just pray that Allah will help us to improve ourselves.

anak pak man said...

yeah, ada satu ulat bulu, punya kaki seribu..
haha XD
and yeah, let's do that..

Fatin Afiqah Ismail said...

Persatuan Matematik, sains , BM etc – tujuannya untuk menggerakkan aktiviti-aktiviti yang ingin dijalankan dll. Huhu… kalau x join persatuan math meaning kite bukan ahli matematik or langsung x reti matematik or non-mathematics skill??aha…. Ehm… I’m thinking.

Persatuan Buddha. Untuk yg beragama Buddha. Tujuan ditubuhkan? Untuk menjalankan aktiviti-aktiviti keagamaan untuk org yang beragama Buddha. Detail kene tanya diorg.

Back to the first question. Why was PAI established?
My point of view – klu x de PAI x de la festival nasyid, ceramah israk mikraj, usrah, majlis buka puasa etc… kalau PAI x ada saluran mana lagi yang boleh digunakan untuk menjayakan aktiviti2 yang ada untuk kita sbg MUSLIM? Robot? Ustaz? Ustazah? Huhu..sedihnya.. persatuan agama ISLAM tiada penggerak. Tiada seorang pelajar mahu menjalankan tanggungjawab sebagai MUSLIM kerana takut digelar seorang yang ‘ nice people who frequent the surau and ask others to join them (to go to the surau).’ Macam ‘Maycomb disease’ la pulak. Gelar menggelar sesame ummah. Patut wujud ke? I’m thinking…

In conclusion, “Differences cannot be avoided in this world. What is important is not the differences, but how to tolerate and manage them.”

sedar x sedar prejudice muncul dlm kotak fikiran n hati ini....
i'm thinking......

anak pak man said...

Yes, good points..
These prejudices harbour in (some of) our minds and hearts, but are they justified?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts..
And they are well justified..


But I don't understand ur conclusion.. Can u plz elaborate?

Fatin Afiqah Ismail said...

“Differences cannot be avoided in this world. What is important is not the differences, but how to tolerate and manage them.”
- Dr. Danial zainal abidin

not all people will accept my point of view... aha...
lain org lain pendapat..
quotation ni untuk menunjukkan yg setiap org punyai pendpt yg berbeza.

eg.. for u, pie refers to PAI . for me PAI is PAI... whatever it is i'll accept it because we have different way of thinking n different style of writing n differences cannot be avoided... aha..


anak pak man said...

Fatin Afiqah,
Hm, i guess so..