Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iskandarians Now

"Can we get something to eat?" last line of Kung-Fu Panda.

Friends are great to have, aren't they?

Especially when you've had them since you still had babyteeth. 3 years in primary school (SK Iskandar), then a further 5 years in secondary school (Sultan Abdul Hamid College). But after the first 6 years, you've had to part with one of them as they had bigger and better things to pursue at 16 years of age.

And then after you've finished your SPMs, you've had to part company with all of them as each had their own thing to do in faraway lands, as you too have also been placed at an Institute on an island.

But then, after long years of being separated from each other, you can jump around like you were teenagers again (we're nearing 20) when you meet up in your hometown to go visit your old primary school.

Then you go to all the places that you used to frequent during the pre-pubescent days and recall all the stories you can muster up with much nostalgia. You marvel at how much the school has not changed after more than 6 years.

You try to re-enact you're primary school glory days in hopes that it would be as exciting as the first time you were there and met each other.

You visit the place once regarded haunted by you and your friends back in the day,

and you cam-whore.

And cam-whore.

And cam-whore.
Until a grumpy guard-lady chases you out of the school saying that you are intruding on the school's land. *Party-pooper*

Thank you Akmal, Shaheir, Amar and Gee for everything!



Fauzi D. said...

amazing memories.. lepaih ni when we hit our 30's,buat pasai kolej plak..hahaha!

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Diskaun hebat untuk semua
pakej pelancongan!!!

Shaheir said...


anak pak man said...

Yeah, definitely gonna do it! Maybe even before we hit 30.. hehe


Chom said...

guard tu potong stim. dari jauh dah aku dapat tgkp aura ketakpuasan hati dia.

30's too old. i don't wanna be that age just yetttttttttttttt

anak pak man said...

agak ah.. nt kita blek ke sana n bom dia nya moto kunin.. haha
even 20 is too old for me.. i'm not ready to succumb to adulthood!! huhu

phytohystrix said...


My school guard made me lose the car's momentum on a hill near the exit gate by asking me for my driving license then and there,while I was holding the car on the peak. The engine giggled and...out it went! Enough time however for me to pull up the handbrake so we would not we slide downwards to the field. And she laughed,saje nyakat x brape nak ade aktvt katenye,smbl terkekeh2. X patut! And I showed her my license.

anak pak man said...

why didn't u just run over the old bag? I would have..

phytohystrix said...

Ain't old,and I love my license!

anak pak man said...

xkira ah.. lenyek2 buang muka bliau sampai dia xdapat nak bg testimony.. hehe

Neynie Azhan said...

testing2 one two three.
saje na mencapub.
bejaye mengfollow enchik anwar.

anak pak man said...

tima kaseh kerana mengfollow!

wOrLdOfsEcReTwHisPer said... 2..
i dont wanna b dat old..
but all of us will hav 2 face it..
adeyy..msok lam klas x msa mlwat skola?rsa cm kerdil ja dlu..
krusi n meja dorg kecik..
hehehe..sbnrnya kta yg da besaq..

anak pak man said...

tak, xdapat nak msok klas.. suma kunci.. plus, kena halau ngan mak guard bengis..huhu..