Wednesday, November 11, 2009


"Ignoring any kind of prize I might receive at all," Salute Your Solution by The Raconteurs.

With the semester drawing to an end, exam time it is for most of the teacher trainees in IPGM Pulau Pinang Campus. This period is, of course, a very stressful time for the trainees here, what with all the studying and trying to catch up with all the skipped classes and sleeping in lectures to make the grade so that they would not have to go through the humiliating experience of retaking a paper, or worse still, repeating a whole semester.

During these stressful times, trainees need to enjoy the little things in life to keep their sanity. For some, it's enjoying some afternoon shut-eye, for others it's beating their roommate at a match of Pro Evolution Soccer. And for most, soothing themselves in the toilet is considered one of the most pleasurable extra-curricullar activities one could do. Yes, relieving themselves in the can would be an experience to savour. The feeling after exiting the vile grounds of the restrooms would put a wide smile on any trainee's face.

However, when a tool of a contractor decides that it would be a good idea to retile all, I repeat, all the toilets on all the four floors of a hostel block at one go, these trainees lose their sanctuary, their world turns upside down. Suddenly, they have to trek all the way to a neighbouring block about 150 metres away just to go number 2, that is if they can hold it in for that long. If they can't, then one would imagine looking for a nearby bush, or if desperation sets in, a bottle.

Sorry for the less-than-flattering imagery, but that is exactly what is happening in the Gajus block of IPGM Penang Campus as we speak. Not only have their sanitary rights been taken away from them, but they can't even shower there, so they go by the dozens to other blocks, or even the nearby Surau to cleanse themselves. I pity them, and condemn the blind-stomached (buta perut) contractor who was such a genius in devising this plan to make life plain hell for the Gajus inhabitants. A kick in the face would not suffice as punishment for their inconsiderate, appalling treat to Gajus.

I mean, couldn't you even have left ONE stinking floor for later so that the patrons could do their business in? To me, there is no excuse good enough to justify this action. Dahla depa tengah exam. Isk2..

To Gajus, I bid you all the best for your coming papers, and be patient with your condition. It will all be over soon enough.



nuhan said... sedaq pun dis happen at

anak pak man said...

now u know..
tp ada part yg dihyperbole for literary purposes.. hehe