Monday, November 23, 2009

It's My Turn... Again?

"We are the only ones we are running from," I Never Wanted To by Saosin.

I haven't mentioned this in my blog yet, so I guess it's high time I did before people start accusing me of keeping secrets (what people??).

I have been re-elected as the B. Ed. TESL Cohort 2 Cohort Leader, the captain of a 62-strong team of different people of differing backgrounds possessing different qualities.

I'm actually not too keen on taking up another whole semester as the Cohort Leader again. A (sort-off) farewell speech was given by me here. If you read it, I said that I wanted as many Cohort Leaders as possible. But now the possibility of having 5 CLs has gone down to 4, given that next semester brings a new face to occupy the post. Plus, I cant compete for a position in the Institute High Council elections next semester. And I was just beginning to imagine myself as the Institute Big Kahuna (YDP). Oh well~

Regardless of my reluctance of taking up the job, I will still have to do it so, I'm going to have to give it my all or nothing. So check it y'all, in order to avoid work swamped on me for everything, I will ingeniously go where no Cohort 2 Leader has gone before, that is forming new posts such as the Transportation Manager, Spiritual Adviser, Tech Dude, and Wizardry Chief, besides the subject leader for each subject to aid me in my various works that I may have to do.

AND, so that next year's tenure would bring about more style, I should seriously consider making a Blazer for myself with the words "Master Chief" engraved on the back of it. And people will need to address me as such, even lecturers.




phytohystrix said...


Once again,kongratulesen. And..

..eleh! Chief minister le,master chief le..

Dia la sgt.. Haha!


anak pak man said...

salam, thank you very much..

mademoiselle tq said...

congrats to you!
btw, kalau nk lantik aku utk pape jwtn ke, jgn bg keje yg berkenaan duit yer.. (xtentu lg pn kne lantik) heheh..

anak pak man said...

tapa, hang bleh jadi my Q minister.. siapa guna huruf Q xpasai2, hang report kat aku.. xguna duit kan? hehe

ridz | zain said...

Transportation Manager, Spiritual Adviser, Tech Dude, and Wizardry Chief?????
where are the fashion guru n runway diva coach?!!!!
put it in ur consideration my "Master Chief"

anak pak man said...

We already permanent people occupying those posts mr. Crappy, but thank you for suggesting it..

mademoiselle tq said...

huhu.. Q minister pon jadik lah.. XD

anak pak man said...

Kirim salam kat ur fishques.. hehe

mademoiselle tq said...

oh sure~! haha.. :D

anak pak man said...