Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Villain Dilemma

"There is more to this, I know," You're Not Alone by Saosin (pronounced "say ocean")

Here we are, watching the hero chasing the villain down. We see the hero dodging the countless bullets that the villain is generously firing towards our saviour. Here, the villain tries his utmost to kill our hero, shooting 1009 of the 1000 bullets at his disposal, but ultimately fails to even scratch our hero in pursuit. Here, the villain doesn't care if he kills the hero, heck, he would even be thrilled to be rid of the hunk.

But then, later in the movie we find that the villain has caught the hero and has put the gun against our protagonist's head. Here, we find that our antagonist has forgotten all his desperation to kill off our hero as quickly as possible. Most times we see the villain elaborate his master plan to his adversary, or explain to the tied down actor the justice of his actions. Sometimes he even manages to cut a deal with the hero and releases the hero just like that. Sometimes, the villain remembers that he actually NEEDS the hero alive in order for his plan to work.

Do you see what I see?



Anonymous said...

dude,i was just flopping around on net and found your site.its pretty good to know you're a teacher trainee,teslian jr - i, too, am.. so keep on writing. we are encouraging ppl to love english and to use it beautifully =)

phytohystrix said...

I see. That plankton's the villain and Mr. Eugene Krabs is the good guy. And,and that Spongebob is the good guy;Flying Dutchman the soul collecter and Patrick Star loves to eat. Wait,what does Patrick has to do with it?

So Plankton will always have a few seconds spared for him to utter a few words before he's blown out from a straw right back into the doors of Chum Bucket. Too bad a resentment and dilemma for him isn't it?

Ummh. Happy holidays,think I saw your car on my way to Sg Nibong.

anak pak man said...

really? then thanks for dropping by~
looking forward to more comments from u..

U know it!
Happy Holidaes to u too!
Really? why didn't u crash it?

phytohystrix said...

Of course I do! Yeay!

Thank you!

Err.. I didn't because you'd crash my nails if I dared to try..? :s Furthermore it's your 'ayam tambatan' nak pegi bejalan ke mane2. If I crashed it there goes all the gigs,ain't it?

anak pak man said...

gigs? me? dak kot..
lgpon bla dah smpai umah, jarang gna adam dah.. gna knari yg auto ah snang,, hehe

phytohystrix said...

habih manis sepah dibuang..merate2.

anak pak man said...

amboih, guna ayat MyRoomate nampak.. hehe