Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Dream Featuring Kwang-Soo

So I had a dream earlier today. It’s not often that I remember my dreams, but this one turned out to be more vivid than most of my other dreams, so I thought I’d write it down, since I found it somewhat interesting. And may I just add that this was a post-subuh nap punya dream, so I wouldn’t read into it so much if I were you.

So in this dream, I found myself somehow hanging out with Kwang-Soo of the South Korean variety show “Running Man”. We were on a shoot location that was a farm somewhere in Australia if I had to guess, since it was a little chilly and we had jackets and gloves on. We were kicking a small rock to each other as if it were a football. 

He suddenly stopped kicking it and I could see that he was on the brink of tears. After some talking, I got him to let it out. I was a little worried that he wouldn’t understand my English all too well, but it turned out he understood what I was saying perfectly.

After he had cried out for a bit, he expressed what he was feeling. It turned out that he was having some self-esteem issues, saying things like “I’m useless,” and “I’m the most insignificant person in Running Man”. 

I was able to calm him down and pujuked him by saying that “if you’re so useless, then why is it that no one can have as positive an effect on other people as you have? Why is it that whenever you can’t make it to a shoot, it suddenly feels all empty on the set? Why is it that all the fans of the show always say that their least favourite episodes are the ones in which you’re not in? You’re good man. Everyone knows it. The fans know it, the crew knows it, the rest of the cast knows it. You need to know it as well. You’re good man.”

After hearing all that, he cheered up a little and went to wash his face. We went to the briefing session for that day’s shoot shortly afterwards. 

And then I woke up.


Bintu_Sahudin said...

yeah..u're good man. setiap insan dilahirkan dengan berbeza-beza keistimewaan, kannn

Maryam Kamal said...



Zyra Roxx said...

hahahha 'pujuked' ><
hehe sampai terbawak ke alam mimpi