Monday, January 11, 2016

A Sunday

I feel like I don’t know what to write about, so I’ll just write about my day for a bit in a bid to stumble across something to elaborate on.

Today started off as a lazy Sunday, with me taking extended naps during the morning and afternoon, in between novel reading sessions (I’m currently reading Tuhan Bukan Manusia by Zharif Zainuddin, a book I hope to make a book review video of by the end of the month). 

As I was planning on recording a video today, I needed to print the script I had written yesterday, but my printer ran out of ink, so I told the wife that I needed to go out to get some ink. Turns out she’d been wanting to get out of the house too (since she’s been glued to a writing assignment for almost a week now), so we went together after lunch.

We first went to a nearby Popular bookstore because I remember seeing printer cartridges being hung behind the counter, but as soon as I discovered that a cartridge costs like RM70, I was like, nope. We decided to look for just ink refill at another spot I knew that sold computer stuff, but it turned out they didn’t have any ink refills.

I told the wife that I only knew of a spot that definitely sold printers, but it was on the island, so she suggested that we get our stuff (for me, my vlogging equipment, for her, her laptop to write) and do the work on the island after buying the ink refill. I could afford to do this since luckily I had posted the blog script on this blog yesterday, so I could just refer to my phone for the script. We decided to go to the island to get the ink refill and subsequently go on a work date.

After getting the printer ink refill, we went to a cafe I knew that had a view that I was fond of and did our respective works there, with her typing away at her laptop and me trying to talk to a camera after having not done that in a while, edited and uploaded the video right at the cafe.

Afterwards we went to the pasembor place on Gurney Drive and had dinner, and finally went back to the apartment.

And now I’m typing this. I suppose today was a good day. Mostly unplanned, but pleasant, nonetheless.

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